From the Moon to Mars and back again, or: “20 years of social change: my personal experience of technology, art and innovation.”

A global shadow-play of chaos and disorder

Probably the most recognisable icon from my We’re Not Afraid Project in 2005, now a kind of shorthand for protesting terror attacks. Source.

Visionary work is seldom motivated by profit

A Laser etching of the Opportunity Rover sent to me by one of the engineers working on the project in 2004.

A simulated Moon Base somewhere in Poland

The Agent — written and directed by Mike Sizemore

A plausible future in which we kill ourselves off

We need both points of view

We’re not on the Web, we’re in a Net

The tools we choose to use divide us

Titles have been changed in the interests of passable writing.

People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people

By Leonhard Lenz — Own work, CC




Product Strategist, Boardgame Designer

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Alfie Dennen

Alfie Dennen

Product Strategist, Boardgame Designer

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